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What our members are saying…

I wanted to share a story about networking and the power of guests.

I received a referral from a guest that has actually turned into a long terms working relationship. The guest gave my name to a designer and the designer hired us to paint a renovation in progress, we then did the exterior of that same home. In January we have a home renovation to paint and another later in the spring. All from a guest that visited our chapter once.

networking has been a tremendous referral source for Powell Painting and the relationships we have gained over the past year has helped us grow!

On another note we were a member of a downtown chapter and I still have residual referrals from being in that chapter.

Tanja Powell

Owner, Powell Painting

When I joined networking Upper Level I was a bit skeptical when approached with the idea but found this group to be warm and welcoming on first impression.  At the time I joined my business was in a serious sales slump due to environmental issues.  networking upper levels welcomed me to the group and immediately began  to help me through our difficult stretch.  This was an amazing feeling.  As a small business owner you often feel somewhat isolated with your problems to solve them on your own.  All of a sudden 30 business owners were working to solve issues within my company and the results have been overwhelming.

Since then, the chapter has also provided a community of visionary individuals who are now helping me shape the direction and growth of my company in the future.  Everybody in the chapter genuinely cares about the future of my business, and is actively working to help me prosper.

Brad Carlsen

Owner, West Coast Lawns & Gardens

I have been a member of a networking Chapter for over four years and in that time I have found it to be a crucial part of my business sales strategy. By meeting with our chapter members each week we are able to pass quality referrals and my business turnover has increased substantially as a result.

I highly recommend you join the networking Upper Levels and see what it can do for your business.

Geoffrey Lee

Owner, I.W.S. Internet Web Solutions

The concept of networking involves connecting like-minded professionals in the community as a way to pass business referrals to one another, but more importantly, this networking chapter has provided me with a database of trusted contacts from all industries that I can confidently recommend to my clients to assist them with buying and selling. Meeting each week fast tracks the relationships between members.

I can contact each member in a time of need for their service and know they will go above and beyond to service my referral.

As a beautiful side effect of me helping to grow other people’s business, mine has also seen incredible gains with over 40% of my business being generated through leads from this Chapter!

Kate Miller

Owner, Royal LePage Sussex

Joining networking Upper Levels is one of the most effective marketing tools I’ve used for my business. Becoming a member of this dynamic and energetic network group has increased my sales substantially.  Where else could I find 27 people who are constantly looking out for new clients on my behalf?  As a small business on the North Shore I would never be able to employ 27 sales consultants, but networking Upper Levels gives me that.

However, the value of networking membership reaches way beyond additional sales.  The “Givers Gain” philosophy provides me with the opportunity to help other businesses succeed, which is immensely satisfying. The bonds forged with other members means I have 27 business owners who provide advice and guidance to me on running a successful business.  We are all here to help each other and this is what we do on a daily basis.  The value of membership is truly priceless!

Sharon Bidder

Owner, Soothing Hands Shiatsu

When I first attended Networking North Vancouver I had never even heard of networking. I was managing someone else’s business and I was really passionate about helping them grow their business. Unfortunately, the owner of the business I managed did not see the benefit of networking, but fortunately for me, the experience of meeting all of the wonderful entrepreneurs made me realise that it was time I started my OWN business.  The very next week, I attended networking Upper Levels, no longer representing my previous employer, but representing myself and my new business, Treks 4 Pets.

Through the people I met at networking, I was able to sort out business cards, brochures, and business insurance, and I also received support and tips for my new business.  I strongly believe that networking has helped me achieve success much quicker than I would have done alone.

At networking Upper Levels, we promote each other’s businesses, and we are also there to support one another. I am so happy that I discovered this wonderful group of people who are as passionate as me about growing their own businesses.

Thank you networking Upper Levels

Chantelle Dawson

Owner, Treks 4 Pets